Gail Catlin is an internationally acclaimed artist who currently resides in Cape Town, South Africa. Using a dynamic harmony of mixed media, alchemy and expressionism, Gail is the only artist in the world who has perfected the technique of using liquid crystal in an art form.

Liquid crystals are infinitely flexible and fluid enabling transformational art technology with mesmerising qualities. This highly sensitive substance responds immediately to changing intensities of temperature and light with dramatic shifts in colour, reflectivity and sheen providing a constantly changing live pictorial surface.

What Catlin has now achieved is quite extraordinary. As Fabbrizzio von Grebner has rightly stated, Catin's personal contribution to world art is that her works have achieved a kind of metastasis — the ability of the artwork to escape fixity and to constantly transform itself like a kaleidoscope. She has achieved this by simultaneously being an alchemist, scientist, magician and artist.

She has also, on an unprecedented scale, worked closely with some of the best scientists and technologists in the world in the field of liquid crystals in order to obtain a full understanding of her magical medium. She is probably also one of the first artists to venture into the realm of nanotechnology, the study and manipulation of materials at the molecular level.

Catlin has produced a unique body of work, not only in terms of her abstract imagery or dramatic chromatic effects, but also because of the lively responsiveness of her artworks to the viewer. 

Gail Catlin has possibly come closer than anyone to capturing the infinitely varied iridescence and colour spectrum, not only of the pearl, but also of the African landscape. She has short-circuited millions of years of evolution and solved one of the secrets of Nature.