Peter Pharoah is one of South Africa’s most popular contemporary artists with a unique style that combines the abstract with the ethereal in a way that draws the viewer in, engaging with them as they explore the rich, vibrant colours, evocative brush strokes and textures.

His African Renaissance Faces of Africa collection celebrates the rich diversity and cultures of Africa in a series of colourful portraits inspired by people encountered on his travels around the continent.

His love of the African bushveld and iconic wildlife is evident in his collection of wildlife artworks where his use of colour and abstraction allows the viewer to imagine the scene and immerse themselves in the moment.  

Peter’s originals and limited edition reproduction prints grace the walls of many private, corporate and hospitality industry collectors from around the world.

Peter was a recipient of the Wilsenach Young Designers Award as well as the illustrious Natal Schools Art Award and the Grahamstown Art Festival Award.Peter's paintings grace the walls of many private and corporate collections including SAPS head office in Germany, Anglo American in London and many others on all continents around the world from Switzerland and Germany to Italy, France and Spain, the United Kingdom, Australia, Africa, the United States and Canada.