“I have always worked on people, faces,

I love the translucency & reflection of skin,

confrontational eyes that narrate a story I can't vocalise.

My style is paradoxically chaotic and controlled,  

Brazen and aggressive brush strokes form soft curves, precisely cut with a sharp edge.

My controlling personality tries to form some order in a world that is constantly in flux.

I use colours that bear no similarity to skin.

and shameless scale to break our intimacy barriers.”

Raised in Zimbabwe, Sarah went on to study commercial art at the Harare Technikon, now she is considered one of this countries finest naturalist artists. Her exquisite, bright, blocky, large scale portraits demand a response. Her faces often stare right back at you as the viewer - they contain an alluring quality which makes you want to look back and see if she is still looking at you. And she always is.