duncan stewart sailing away
07 Sep

Duncan Stewart "Sailing Away"

We are proud to host a solo exhibition featuring the super talented artist Duncan Stewart titled "Sailing away" at the Royal Cape Yacht Club, Cape Town. A fine body of artwork will be on display capturing the raw passion of the ocean & sailing at it's best.

In the artist's own words:
"Everything about the ocean thrills me - in fact any adventure that places one in close contact with nature’s awesomeness - these moments inspire me and my art. I have always admired ocean sailing for its blend of human passion and ingenuity inseparably tied to the nature’s power and grandeur. My approach is to attempt to infuse that same passion and commitment
required by sailors on the open seas into my paintings, drawings or sculptures."

This body of work captures the energy of nature and the thrill of harnessing that power to propel one forward. Sailing is a passion of the artist and he has so deftly transferred this love and energy onto the canvas."Conversations at sea" is available on canvas and in bronze sculpture, another medium the artist loves to work in.


To view one on these artworks is to feel at one with nature in all it's glory.
"Sailing Away"
Sat 03 Oct 2020
Cape Royal Yacht Club
Time: 11:00h - 18:00h
Theme: Cape to Cuba