Artist David Thorpe

David paints from his studio at home. He takes commissions in oil or water colour, painting large canvases of landscape/seascape combinations. He has painted, on commission, many portraits including an ex South African President. He works on his paintings depicting beautiful light in lost corners of gardens and he recently started to paint his beloved South African birds once again. Occasionally he accepts a commission to illustrate a book, usually for the challenge rather than much financial reward. David says: “for me it has never been about the money I am paid. There is a challenge and far more excitement created by sitting in front of a blank canvas or beautifully made paper, with paint, brushes and the smell of turpentine – a smell I love! The payment is not money; it is the satisfaction of creating something beautiful from one’s mind. An artist is a privileged being who has been given a talent. His job is to bring beauty into other peoples lives.”

David is a master at both realism and abstracted portraits, his paintings hang in collections all over the world.